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This is a journey with or without words and music…but not without you.

My dear family,

I definitely want to share with you what’s going on during a week that looked like all the others but that also had a fresh and deep meaning… just like all the others.

First, it’s quite incredible to realize that the interview series of the Red Crown Crane collection are all completed and exposed fully to the world. I have to admit it was quite an adventure to do all these videos, digging deeper every time as we didn’t want to talk only about fashion or beautiful jewelry. We wanted to explore something that would gather us even more, giving us a sense of belonging, we wanted to expose how with silver and glass we crafted wings to touch you, to heal you, to allow you to touch us and to heal us.

“ROOT DOWN… For Your People”

Root Down For Your People

I remember how, as a teenager, I simultaneously tried to move away from what defined me in my environment in order to forge my own identity and, at the same time, desperately strived to be included, to fit in, to belong. Discovering who we are is a long journey with many ruptures and junctions, dead ends and crossroads, not only within our own self, our own perceptions of the world and how we evolve but also how we walk with others around us, letting them BE and letting them (or not ) touch us, change us, challenge us, question us, build us… I believe that quest for identity is an unfinished business as long as we allow ourselves the right and the privilege, to change our mind,to make mistakes, to aspire for a better life and the chance to live something fresh, true and unexpected every day.

From his eyes… Streams of Redemption

Bla Bla Bla June 3rd 2012

As I try to organize the ideas in my mind, struggle to find the ONE emotion, the MOST significant event, the MAIN direction of what we lived during the Bla Bla Bla I just can’t make up my mind… I come to the conclusion that this time the words “ONE” “MOST” and “MAIN” aren’t what I should look for… what’s really IMPORTANT is everything, every single little thing we lived from the intense soulful live music performance to the ecstatic draw of Jeff’s guitar, passing by all the little glimpses of life, of fun and of pure nonsense.

“living the moment 101”

My dear friends, my chosen family…

I just looked at the last video we released to announce the next “Bla Bla Bla: The Live show”, you know the one where we are all watching a San Francisco Baseball game screaming like insane freaks…? Lol!! It made me smile and realize, again, how I feel blessed to live this life, the life we are creating all together here. I know it may seem so easy for us to enjoy life, staying happy all the time… but really, we are still learning to savor the moment, just like you. As much as we may have cool stuff around us, if we’re not free inside, if our heart is broken or if we hold on to past grief, no life can take root in our soul and no smile can bloom on our face.

Bringing a new wind to the fashion world!

Did you know your tongue has the power of life and death? We often think our words go unheard and no one cares about them. I assure you that your words have impact and carry a big responsibility of seeding despair or hope, life or death, hate or love. I’ve been touched by so many of you as you commented on the Red Crown Crane jewelry collection pictures and posts. Each of your words were so life giving, encouraging, pushing me even further to enjoy this dream but also to be bolder and explore even more, deeper, further…

I Have A Vague Memory Of A Tale…

Red Crown Crane

Some say you truly realize the worth of something when you’ve lost it.

I’m glad I found another way to marvel at the beauty and power of the amazing family I have here with Your Favorite Enemies.

The Red Crown Crane jewelry collection was just released and each day that passes by reveals more and more how this project is the fruit of the work of the whole team. Is there more honor for the one that planted the seed than for the one that waters the plants or the one that reaps??? If the goal is commonly to see an incredible harvest, each person becomes essential and worth of all the honor.

Red Crown Crane: Capture The Essence…

It’s such a mystery how we’re linked together, don’t you think? Somehow, sometime, somewhere on this digital sea we met and since that day, we decided that we would create for each other a place in our hearts. This place for you in my heart is as big as my commitment… it has the warmth of my pouring love… it’s a safe place to go in times of need… it’s a life giving place every time you cross its doors.

Being Creators of Magic, Not Illusionists

Lately have you watched an old movie you saw a zillion times when you were a child? It’s sometimes a bit tricky to do as we may realize that so many years later what was so incredible is in fact a really poorly made movie and now, as grown ups, we can’t even watch the whole thing without feeling stupid or bored! Lol!! But on a quiet YFE night off, we decided to take a big risk…lol… together we watched the famous movie from the 80’s “Back To The Future”. As some of us weren’t even born when that movie came out, many didn’t even know who Marty McFly or Dr. Emmett Brown were! 😉 We had an AMAZINGLY fun time as we just let ourselves dive in this movie where every character is bigger than life, where situations are so dramatic but always one second, one “eureka!” away from being solved and happiness is back! So much simplicity… so much magic. But the real magic was that we were all there in our “café”, a whole family formed from people so different, different religions, ages, cultures, different dreams, but yet, deciding to live another day of our precious life together, deciding that the most important thing wasn’t really what we were about to watch or do, but to have a good time and to do it together.