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A little break, a little question, a BIG chance to redefine what we want!

It’s your time to help this blog go further!

Alright my friends!

This is the last blog of the summer as I’ll take a little step back to think and evaluate the reasons and ways surrounding this diary.  I have the chance to share with you every week.  In fact, Your Favorite Enemies has already started to put everything we do under the microscope, allowing ourselves to find new ways to do what we’re good at and find new paths to improve in things where we feel we can reach even higher levels,… and who do you think is the center of our attention?  If you said “ME?” you are…. RIGHT!  You will have a greater understanding of what we mean by opening up everything by watching the videos surrounding the re-issue of the album “Love Is A Promise Whispering Goodbye”… Videos that you just CAN’T MISS by the way!!!