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Redemption… by crowd surfing???


The set of the Bla Bla Bla “The Live Show” was the theatre of such an amazing event last Sunday. How was it so different than all the previous Bla Bla Bla?… In theory it wasn’t so different… I mean I was sitting at the same place on the white couch as usual, we didn’t really sleep as usual, there were many exciting things to talk about as usual and you were faithfully with us…as usual:) But I can definitely say that it was a unique moment that felt like nothing experienced ever before. How is that possible? Is it that I am consciously looking to live something new every day that I see it all this way? Is it that I’m growing and seeing things from another perspective? Is it that we are talking over and over again about living the moment and slowly but surely I understand what it can mean for me!?! I believe it’s a combination of it all!