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There’s no frame around our life

I kinda know I live something completely incredible when I am somehow lost, without my usual emotional or rational markers… and it happened to me last weekend!

As many of you already know, we have treated ourselves with a very special place of our own that we call the “Secret Family Cult Club”.  We are building in it a community with anyone who desires to live something closer or just different with the band,  but not only with us. It’s also a unique way to connect with other people that are in love with music and in love with the idea of being a part of something bigger than ourselves (and this “Bigger” thing is not the band, but the community we are building all together and the impact we can have by joining our forces).

The guest I was looking for…

So many times I invited love in my life and when it knocked at my door, I opened and found myself looking around to see if it wouldn’t be accompanied by another guest… I realize that the thing I was really looking for was comfort, not love. Same thing with friendship or art or anything! When they knocked at my door as a surprise or as I invited them myself, I didn’t let them come in unless they came with comfort… which they rarely did. Why??? Comfort usually comes with another type of guest such as compromise or illusion. I think now that it is much more simple and true to welcome the pure feelings and life experiences as they are without trying to manipulate them, twisting them to fit my own vision or way to do things. I need to allow love, friendship, faith and all of these wonderful guests to shock me, surprise me, stupefy me, and to leave me speechless, helpless, breathless…

Let’s be sensitive to what happens to us

My dear brother, my sweet sister…

Can I invite you on a journey?

It is an invitation I received to look at myself in a mirror called “Where Did We Lose Each Other”… This song really talks about my life, it reflects my losses, it screams my hopes and it enlightens my crossroads. Since the first day I read these words, I knew they were a mirror that I had the option to look into for real or turn my eyes away in denial. Just like it has been said in one of the videos of the special project page, either we decide to face reality or slowly we become the reflection of something else, far from being alive and far from being our true self…just a pale reflection of our illusions.

I Urge You To Explore!

My dear friends,

you have no idea how important the next minutes could be…They could impact your life forever… You decided to take a few minutes to read this blog maybe out of curiosity or you are faithfully welcoming my heart and thoughts, allowing me to share with you and grow up with you. But I will surprise you this week because I won’t write many lines, I will in fact urge you to explore something that I personally want to dig in deeply and think about: Alex’s new blog!