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So… EXCITING!!! So… ALIVE!!! So… US!!!

My dear family,

What a great week!!! The First DVD of Your Favorite Enemies is born!!! The past few weeks I saw the whole team lacking sleep as we were preparing the launch with all the care and detail you know we put into each treasure we want to share with you. There was so much to do…because there is so much we WANT to do for you! I mean… did you see the Welcoming page of the YFE Store? I mean… we don’t have one store… we have 4!!lol And it wouldn’t surprise me if one day we have as many stores as the numbers of languages you guys speak… because our heart is to include as many people as possible and we know how the language can be a barrier. Can you see how much impact each person who does the translation has, all for the love of you? Long hours of work so we can touch so many people who otherwise would not have understood the uplifting and encouraging messages.

Treasures & Seeds – We thought of you –

Ok… I was about to write something poetic about how excited we all are about the new release of “The Uprising Sound Of An epiphanic awakening…” DVD project and special package. Then I changed my mind as I just want to share with you simply why I am so proud of it and why you guys are at the center of it all.

We thought of you when we were planning the tour in China. We wanted you to see everything, from every angle possible, all the beauty and miracles that happened during this exciting journey… So we worked really hard ensuring our visual crew could do this and make it all happen for you!