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The quietest whisper of hope can be enough


Someone asked me on Facebook a very interesting question: ” How we can create a family for our band?”.

Many thoughts came through my mind… from “that’s great that people see and can feel how we do live everything as a family not only among the musicians but with all the music lovers that follow Your Favorite Enemies” to “How in the world am I supposed to explain that?  There’s no obvious instruction manual for building a family from a music group!” to “Wow… it is humbling and an honor to be inspiring someone to want to build his own family.”

Expect the Unexpected

CMW 2011

Every year in March, it became a tradition to gather the YFE family in Toronto during the Canadian Music Week. As much as we prepare for the concerts, rehearsing the songs and preparing what we desire to breathe through the shows, we know for sure what we will live on stage can’t be rehearsed or set up… In fact we absolutely don’t want to plan the emotions and experiences as we want them to be real, spontaneous and a true sharing with those coming and so determined to let the music open their eyes and heart. It’s special, because even if the chords and the lyrics are the same from one concert to another, each show takes a fresh direction, moving alongside the emotions each person in the room carries and also how Alex leads all of us with his invitations to let go, his screams to feel alive, his call out to take a stand for freedom and hope.

With the colors of passion


Hi my loving bros and sis!

This past week has been really full in action and emotion! We’ve been working on the live performance in the Studio B, crafting not only the sound of the show but also its spirit. We asked ourselves the question: “What do we want to give to all our friends who will travel across oceans and lands to share a special moment with us… what will we offer… dying on stage every night to seed life and pull down heaven”. We’re also in the midst of recording the core of the album, every day allowing us to touch something completely crazy. The final touches are being made to the new website and SFCC… Are you excited about it? I AM!!! And then, as we were all passionately busy in Studio A, Studio B and other YFE HQ offices, we were invited to stop and discover another creation that had been crafted here in the Studio/Church, in a “little” corner where no one really goes, no one but the sound of the music that echoes day and night… Our brother Kosho had been working on a painting and he invited us to unveil his creation. It was obvious that Kosho was more than proud and it was more than obvious that we were all speechless, in awe and just moved by this image…