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Treasures & Seeds – Abracadabra… Not!”

First I want to thank Hachi, Masha, Danielle, Samantha, Elizabeth, Irene, Dennis for leaving comments on this blog on myspace and blogger page…it means a lot to me and I surely hope many more will follow you and share with our beautiful family their own impressions/feelings/thoughts and experiences.

I truly want to share with you what I learn, what I see, what I feel and learn from you as well, that’s why I invite you to leave comments and share… this is not a monologue… my deepest desire is for this diary to be a mutual sharing.

Talking of sharing… let me lead the way by being honest about what happened in the past week.

Treasures and Seeds

Hey hi!

Did you miss me as much as I missed you?  I have to admit the summer went by at such a fast pace!!!! I look back and I say “what? Already 2 months that I didn’t post a blog!?!”  Time is a weird element.  I feel like 2 years of events happened in the last two months and, at the same time, I feel like July 14th was yesterday… oh well;)  I realized how much I missed writing this blog to connect with you as I am writing it right now!