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Being Creators of Magic, Not Illusionists

Lately have you watched an old movie you saw a zillion times when you were a child? It’s sometimes a bit tricky to do as we may realize that so many years later what was so incredible is in fact a really poorly made movie and now, as grown ups, we can’t even watch the whole thing without feeling stupid or bored! Lol!! But on a quiet YFE night off, we decided to take a big risk…lol… together we watched the famous movie from the 80’s “Back To The Future”. As some of us weren’t even born when that movie came out, many didn’t even know who Marty McFly or Dr. Emmett Brown were! 😉 We had an AMAZINGLY fun time as we just let ourselves dive in this movie where every character is bigger than life, where situations are so dramatic but always one second, one “eureka!” away from being solved and happiness is back! So much simplicity… so much magic. But the real magic was that we were all there in our “café”, a whole family formed from people so different, different religions, ages, cultures, different dreams, but yet, deciding to live another day of our precious life together, deciding that the most important thing wasn’t really what we were about to watch or do, but to have a good time and to do it together.

I feel like it’s time to celebrate!

A secret project that will be revealed soon...

Ok guys!

When it’s time to be serious to share about deep stuff and to support each other in what we want to think, work on and grow, you are there for me, for us, for one another. As a great family we each take our place in the lives of each other and we each shine from the strength and love we give and get and THAT makes me sooooo proud of you and of all that we build together. But now… I feel like it’s time to celebrate this love we seed with tears and sweat!

To see it bloom freely, uncontrollably and beautifully

My loving family, my friends so dear to my heart,

This past week I lived something completely insane… As you may have seen on Alex‘s or Jeff‘s Facebook, we were doing a massive video and photoshoot. A 3 day marathon for a VERY special project. I won’t tell you much because we will reveal the secret about it during the next Bla Bla Bla the live show March 11th, so I want you to enjoy the surprise… BUT I can tell you it’s the very first time I have worked in collaboration with Alex on something other than music;) You know how he is an intense person right? Well, ever since collaborating with him on this special project I have realized even more how this intensity and passion is rooted in his love for people and his commitment to always go all the way. He often says “if we are to make something, let’s do it our way, no limits, no established rules except to be true to ourselves and to do it with love.” I realize now that by opening my cherished project and involving others, it has allowed the whole project to reach a completely different dimension, to shine in a way I never thought possible, allowing everyone to expose their talent and to even discover hidden treasures, it allowed me to learn, to grow… it allowed me also to experience so much love as I see people giving their best towards something I cherish and it allowed me also to pour out love toward these same people, learning to serve them, to give them my best, to take my place in their life…

Reflection or incarnation. We all look at the mirror…

When was the last time the sunrise was only for you… 
and the sunset whispered goodbye to your heart as if no one else could hear…?

We just came back from an incredible week of vacation by the sea and I still can feel the ocean licking my toes and the boys throwing sand in my ears…(NOT the opposite !lol) We needed it so much… Looking back at the few days (not to mention the few months!) before we left, I am just in disbelief at all that we did insuch a short time! I think of Big Byrd as he flew all over Montreal to get all the elements, all the treasures that are a part of the SFCC official package (the Membership Card is just so cool… the pictures all with different quotes… DVD…and I won’t even mention everything else PLUS the special t-shirt crafted in our own “Fabrik” YFE shop… wait to see it… you will… euh… maybe take your meds for seizures ok?;)…lol).

With an eternal ink… I write from my heart for you

It might be hard to imagine, but every single day you guys are at the center of the Your Favorite Enemies activities, at the center of our hearts and at the center of our common and personal journeys. It’s hard to imagine because you see us only on the screen of a computer… we are much bigger in real life! Really! 😉 It’s hard to imagine because it’s not so common to be searching actively to be exposed to others, to let others deeply impact our lives, to invite people from a completely different country or culture to see and participate in our daily life, to think of people we may never meet and to try our best to DO SOMETHING to give the best to them… not so common BUT it exists!!! The proof is YOU did this so many times for us and we are doing it for you.