This is a journey with or without words and music…but not without you.

My dear family,

I definitely want to share with you what’s going on during a week that looked like all the others but that also had a fresh and deep meaning… just like all the others.

First, it’s quite incredible to realize that the interview series of the Red Crown Crane collection are all completed and exposed fully to the world. I have to admit it was quite an adventure to do all these videos, digging deeper every time as we didn’t want to talk only about fashion or beautiful jewelry. We wanted to explore something that would gather us even more, giving us a sense of belonging, we wanted to expose how with silver and glass we crafted wings to touch you, to heal you, to allow you to touch us and to heal us.

Alex and I shared with you through the interviews so many words, we shared our thoughts, our visions, our concepts, our different ways to see and to live the creation process. But in this very last video there are no words, yet it speaks simply and loudly. It tells a story of hearts guiding hands so they can patiently and carefully transform lifeless elements into a vivid proof of love. We can see how through fire, the most breakable glass can become flexible and change forever its shape, its purpose, and can become one with other colored glass… I’m a piece of glass and I should be thankful for the heat and burning fire as I do want to be transformed to fulfill my destiny alongside other people who may seem so different but that are willing to go through fire with me, becoming not all the same, but becoming united, becoming one piece of art. We can see as bits of paper, that were previously left out and considered by most to be useless, are carefully cut, gathered and glued together to create an incredible object worthy of holding a treasure, a jewel… and this makes me think, as we get transformed slowly into something we can’t even explain, we also shouldn’t be surprised or desire anything else than to see our life, our ambitions and our goals slip through our control freak fingers then come back only if our hands are open…either in a new form, a fresh manifestation or maybe they won’t come back at all… but in these open hands that are willing to let go, peace is placed…one that doesn’t make sense but overcomes every fear of losing.

I tasted that measure of peace as the entire family here lived a moment I felt was so important, precious and for me was also historical. You have to know that since the album Vague Souvenir was completed and gone for printing, no one listened to the final result except for Ben, Jeff and Matt “Big Byrd”. So we organized a special evening, we printed an official invitation, we made some canapés, got some good wine, asked everyone to dress formally and to join all together in our Café. Everyone was feverish, me included!!! We did a toast to the love we share that allows us to accomplish things we could never even imagine when we’re together and then we sat down, ready to welcome the music… what we soon realized is that it’s actually the music that welcomed us, inviting us on a journey. I will not tell you how we lived it as I think each person made this journey their own particular and unique experience, and that will also be your gift.

I was so excited to learn that the next time we would listen to it before the official release, would be with all our Secret Family Cult Club members!!! As we know how you guys are eager to live the unique moments and to feel at the core of what we build all together… because what we share cannot be quantified by a number, a value or any other measure, what we share is us…here…now…as one…Are you ready for this journey daring you to try something that may lead you to some place completely new? I know I’m ready to be transformed more each day and this journey is mine to live, mine to bring further… but I’m overjoyed that this journey is also ours, ours to live openly and share it, ours to determine how far we go in our love, our generosity, our trust. This is a journey with or without words and music…but not without you.

-Miss Isabel

p.s. The listening session of the entire new album is this Saturday, before it’s official release!! See all the details and be daring… the Secret Family Cult Club is your home.

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