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Running through the rain of estrangement, catching pure drops of diamond bliss.

More than a bootleg… a revealing story…a touching music flow.

Right after the Bla BLa Bla of last weekend, I jumped on my computer to download my own version of the Bootleg filmed in Kyoto as I, just like you, was about to see the images for the first time! I know it sounds special that even if I’m in the band I didn’t even see the bootleg before it’s release!lol

Thinking back, I remember what happened that day, what I felt and the sharing I had with our Japanese family who joined us in the temple as the rain was persistently veiling the sky and surrounding the music with it’s chant, but as I started to watch the bootleg, I had the precious chance to have another perspective, to live it in a fresh way, to give to it a new place in my heart and allow myself to grasp it’s numerous gifts.