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Where Did We Lose Each Other Where can I find myself…

Where Did We Lose Each Other
Where can I find myself…

Blogging has been a part of my life for more than 4 years now. I’ve been through all kinds of periods, emotions and I believe my writing has evolved, mutated and enabled my growth. I kinda think though that now is time for me to push myself beyond the established borders of this written world of mine.

Ardent Revolutionist Of The Heart… I Dare You To Love

Do you know one of the ways you can recognize that you truly love someone? I know I love someone when the only thought or the simple view of that person being happy is making me happy and smile, even if the source of happiness has nothing to do with me and even if that person doesn’t even know I thought or saw him/her…

You are there with us living the moment… Let’s create the magic!

My dear family HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Can you believe how lucky we are to take these steps all together as we move from one year to another? Really I see it as a walk we all are taking together on this journey we call life. Day after day I decide to look ahead envisioning where I desire to go in my life, my goals, the things I want to see change, evolve, disappear, grow… Keeping my eyes up allows me to dream and to have faith. Sometimes, especially when we are in a transition time, we look back at what we did, what we were, what impact it has had on us today. That allows us to measure our actions and decisions. And then, there’s the present, now, how I walk now, my actions today, my thoughts, my feelings, what I do with my talents, my time, and my life. My friends, I want to thank you, because if it wasn’t for being able to look around and see you, walking all around me, I would be the most unhappy, selfish and lost person on this life journey.