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What I AM and what YOU are in US…

My dear family,

Since last week I’ve been in touch with something really cool that I want to talk to you about. In my last blog I was talking about how we are all united together very powerfully. I’m so amazed to see how people from so many different backgrounds, countries, cultures, ages and education can relate to a music that is true and then open up even more as we all look deeper into what we all are as a group and also as individuals. We get to know each other because we have a common love which is the music but it doesn’t stop there! In fact it’s just a starting point!

Treasures & Seeds – We thought of you –

Ok… I was about to write something poetic about how excited we all are about the new release of “The Uprising Sound Of An epiphanic awakening…” DVD project and special package. Then I changed my mind as I just want to share with you simply why I am so proud of it and why you guys are at the center of it all.

We thought of you when we were planning the tour in China. We wanted you to see everything, from every angle possible, all the beauty and miracles that happened during this exciting journey… So we worked really hard ensuring our visual crew could do this and make it all happen for you!

Treasures & Seeds – Flying again or for the first time –

My dear ones,

You who I am blessed to be able to carefully whisper in your ear…

You make me realize that those whispers coming out of my heart result in much more than a personal release echoing randomly. No, in fact, they are powerful for me and their aftershock in your own life comes back to me with another round of energy and a positive driving force. You guys are really courageous. You might think you’re not but you are… the moment you start thinking differently, the moment you allow yourself to think of pushing the limits set in your mind, the moment you believe in the fact that you can change, you can build something of your own, you can be yourself and use whatever you have inside of you to make a difference in your world… at THAT moment you are already a living courageous warrior!

Treasures & Seeds – What time is it?

You guys touched me. Seeing all your comments flowing our way like true rivers gushing out of your hearts… I knew it wasn’t any easier for you than for me and each of your words had to pass by rocks and dams before they could freely float and irrigate each and everyone who read them, filling us with hope, a sense of community and opening our eyes to more than ourselves.