“Vague Souvenir” It’s our story… and it’s beautiful.

I want to share about what we lived together during the last Bla Bla Bla: The Live Show… And I wish so much that you would share with us what you felt as well… why? Because this is our chance, our privilege to really bond together, to realize how much we can grow side by side, not alone anymore, more than ever united with this strong desire to see each other shine, live, and fulfill our most beautiful dreams…

It was a moment we anticipated with excitement because we were releasing not one but two amazing creations. The new jewels of the Red Crown Crane Collection are now born, each of them engraving even deeper the vision we had to spread hope and life through meaningful pieces of life shaped in glass and silver. It was exciting mainly because we were excited to show you what YOU inspired us to do… how could it not be amazing?

And then, was the time for us to present to you…the music… the album…“Vague Souvenir”

“Vague Souvenir”, represents the honest instant by which we allowed ourselves to revisit some faded memories, to let go of the past in a graceful way and uplift our high hopes in the brightest of all tomorrows by feeding the present moment with a renewed communion of faith and dreams.

An honest instant… that’s what we lived while performing for you each of the songs on this album…exposing ourselves in our raw nature, no filter, no safety net… it was all honest, not perfect, not even all nice, just the moment lived fully for what it was, ecstatic or sad, painful or comforting, it didn’t matter as long as we didn’t lie or pretend to be something else.

Revisiting faded memories… The missed opportunities, the failures, the illusionary certainty, the blurry reasons I betrayed… they all came back to me as I was surrounded by this music, these words, this moment I shared with my friends, those who stand here again still by my side.

Letting go of the past and accepting grace… For me it’s like facing the ocean, something you obviously can’t control. The waves are carrying away what you release, something you have held so tightly in your hands, to maybe bring it back washed out and transformed or, maybe, to never bring it back at all. But I realize as the waves come and go, the trust that keeps me by the shore is that I’ll always find myself renewed and saved, caressed by the fresh wind and free to possess the horizon.

Feeding the present with faith and dreams… Can I give you a powerful image of what that could be? We performed live 5 songs of the ”Vague Souvenir” album and during the whole performance my heart was overwhelmed by one main thought; despite AND because of everything that happened in my life up to today, I am here, playing, alive, blessed to touch an incredible common dream…and just to be myself in it, as I am, today, my best and my worst being exposed, accepted and covered with love. The music united my thoughts, my spirit and body and also united me with the guys as my fingers were responding to their voices, their hands and their entire body and soul, as we poured into the music … we were releasing a sound that we could never initiate as individuals… only our unity could produce such a wave. The minute we placed our instruments down and the cameras turned away, we couldn’t do anything else other than gather, embracing each other head to head, arms intertwined and our tears merging as one stream… it was us… it was our story… and it was beautiful.

Do I deserve such a place, in that circle of love, faith and dreams? I don’t think so… but I won’t let anyone or anything take it away from me. “Vague Souvenir” is an album that will live with me forever, a powerful testimony of how redemption can set me free, carrying away what I let go off my shaky hands and splash right back at me waves of unexpected blessings, life experiences, vivid emotions and the daily invitation to jump towards the limitless horizon.

Please believe you also have your place in that circle of love, faith and dreams…
I love you

-Miss Isabel

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  • Elizabeth


    I’ve just read the comments already posted and I can understand and agree with these words so fully! Like Vanessa, I’ve been blessed to share this path of life with you for over 5 years and I have some understanding of the “bumps” in the road you have faced.. I also believe with every fiber of my being that this statement you made is utterly true and completely necessary for the magic to go forth is a way that touches souls (your own included) with transforming, healing grace: “… we were releasing a sound that we could never initiate as individuals… only our unity could produce such a wave.” Such attacks there have been against your unity, both from within your own hearts and outside forces too! (which is always true when we seek unity!)! But you have held onto Love, and when that seemed a distant unreachable memory, you kept a tight grasp on commitment..and in this moment, that delicate flame you have kept alive against all odds is blazing brightly! What a blessing for yourselves, yes, but also for me and for all who have been drawn into thist “circle of love, faith and dreams”. I was filled with joy and awe living those moments of music with you and everyone present in that holy digital space of Bla Bla Bla live performance!! The Wave was flowing from you to us and back again, and something precious and eternal was given birth in all of our hearts together. I am continually amazed at the way the Red Crown Crane Collection compliments and gives “shape and form” to the same spirit and message flowing in your music – miracles indeed and blessings beyond all measure!!

    thank you again!!! for everything!!! much love always!!!

    and like Vanessa, I can’t wait for my Vague Souvenir album!! 🙂


  • Heather


    Hey Sweet Sis!
    As I’m looking at the comments of the other brother and Sisters, I as felt that it was important to. I think that it is incredible that we’ve all known each other five years already, and I treasure all of them! I think that it is amazing how far each of you has come, and what I appreciate about ALL of you, is how you stay true to yourselves, and that despite the rocky roads sometimes, that it is easy to get through those obstacles, knowing that God is watching, always, and though there will be some people who try to get in the way of the dream, that is within our hearts, it is important to not let fear discourage us from
    seeing it come to pass. I love Alex 😉 so much,xoxoxox Miss Isabel, with all of my heart and soul, and I am sure to send love to all always. I realize that there are many steps to climb, though, I will not tire….and will keep pressing on into what I know God is doing in my life, despite the fact that we fall and seem a little rattled, and wind up feeling that we’ve let those important to us down….the great thing is, is that they are there to pick you back up, and remind you of what is important. It is quite hard to put into words all the feelings from that day, though I do feel encouraged and am filled with a lot of faith , hope, love to get Alex and I through, anything, we all can…..and I am really happy to of met each of you and I won’t give up ever, and know that I will make it, and trust in God to get there! You are a great sister, Miss Isabel, and I do keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers!

    I am looking forward to Vague Souvenir, there is a spirit that was felt throughout that day, so many emotions. I am happy to see all that each of you has accomplished, and I wish you a good week!



  • Chris


    It’s good to hear you share about the ”Bla Bla Bla : The Live Show” with such enthusiasm!! I remember all that you have been through as a band since you have always been generous enough to share about it and I see it as a miracle that you are all so strong today and all so bonded together…

    ”Vague Souvenir”, the live performances during the ”Bla Bla Bla: The Live Show”, seeing you craft jewels, T-shirts…all of these are examples of the survivor spirit and desire to live that you have in you and I find it really touching!!
    ”Do I deserve such a place, in that circle of love, faith and dreams? I don’t think so… but I won’t let anyone or anything take it away from me.”
    This is a line that has guts and I like it!!
    Keep on spreading your words, they have this ability to touch each time 😉


  • britt


    I love being there for bla bla bla! 🙂 Makes me happy to be there!! Never missed one yet! 🙂 alwyas each time i very happy be apart of it! 🙂 last bbb it very amazon!!

    I love reading your blogs isabel! thanks for sharing! 🙂 amazon blog this one is!

    love you!!


  • heather


    Hey Sweet Sis!
    I think that it was quite an emotional day. I think back to those many years ago, and though we’ve all been through a lot along the way, it is no excuse to give up on the dream, and I realize that the darkness can try to tear a part relationships, though we must fight with the word of the spirit, and not weapons. I love Alex so very much, xoxoxoxoxwith all of my heart and soul, and I pray and give thanks to God, for bringing each of you into my life.

    I think that the songs that are filled with hope, and and faith, with the reminder to keep pressing into that dream,just because it may seem impossible, is important…and I see it before me, as I wake up to each new day. It is the strength of love though, that conquers all obstacles, that will present them selves. Doubt, tries to keep us in a constant state of worry, though I will not allow it to take over my mind, and try to keep me from seeing the dream come to pass in time.

    I think that if we get lazy, we can put ourselves at risk of not fulfilling that dream, and that would be really sad to know that we were that close it, and were unaware. I won’t let that happen, and I am very thankful to have found such a wonderful man, as your brother Alex, xoxoxoxand I think the world of the rest of my YFE family.

    You are a great sister to me, Miss Isabel, and I know I haven’t told you lately, and will be sure to, as I do count on your support,too. I think that Vague Souvenir, is going to be incredible and reach many. I look forward to hearing it. It is our story, and it is one that we are continuing to write. I think too, that it is moments like this, we need to be standing strong and will not let some take that dream away from us, because of fear. I will not take any of you for granted, and I send love and prayers to all.

    Thank you sis for continuing to share your thought each week, with us all, as I do appreciate your advice.

    Love from your sister, Heather


  • Aaron Collins


    As I understand it, this is the 1st of 2 releases this year. I’m going to do the insane and treat this as a double album. So I’ll wait until the second half is out.


  • Denise


    My precious sister,

    Another beautiful blog 🙂 I enjoyed the BlaBlaBla last sunday. Through the whole live show i had the feeling that i was there! Loved the presentation of “Vague Souvenir ” and the new RCC collection :). The live performance , what can i say about it? I was happy to be there, to let the music touch me again and again…During the song Noisy Old Friend i almost started crying …I’m proud of all of you.Thank you for inspiring and touching me again !!

    Love you Sister!!


  • Vanessa


    It is so hard to explain how I felt during the last Bla Bla Bla… their were so many feelings… I knew there was much more meaning behind everything that was going on than just what met the eye. During the live performance I had goosebumps all over!! It was like you guys had climbed the mount Everest and had finally made it to the top!! It was a celebration to have made it up there despite the difficulties while trying to climb that mountain. I could feel in every word and in every note that passion freed from all restraints… you guys really were as ONE. Knowing you all for 5 years, you all have always been there for me, pushing me to be who I am meant to be nothing less. I have had bumps in the road but I know I have made a long way since the first year I met you all. Knowing you all for 5 years, I also know there have been bumps in the road for you all as well.. so it was nice to be able to celebrate with you all that accomplishment. I am very proud of you all! Your determination and will to be together and to stay true is to me one of the most precious things you guys possess.
    During that moment I was happy; happy to know you guys, happy to be alive, happy that I too can climb up that mountain… that day I was reminded not to give up…. I will make it to the top 🙂
    So proud of you all and can’t wait for my Vague Souvenir album!! Woot! 😉


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