A friend loves at all times…

“A friend loves at all times,
a brother (and a sister) is
present in times of need…”
– Solomon’s Proverb

I feel lucky to write to you today, knowing you always welcomed my heart in a loving way.

Forgive me if I had you worried, I’m in a very defining period of my life right now. I feel blessed to have my family’s support regarding my decision to mark a pause, as I desire to renew my perspective, heal old wounds, discover more about myself and get prepared seriously for what’s coming up. I felt it was essential to take that time apart, as I know there is no shame in realizing we need to rest and reboot, knowing that if I don’t do it, I just won’t be able to take the next step in my life, in my art, in my relationships and in so much more.

Over the years, I’ve seen the guys of the band evolve in tremendous ways. Growing up, despite the constant pressure to stand by their decisions… Decisions to “be”, “behave” and “assume”. Decisions which at times seemed to me as a completely crazy path to follow. When you’re always exposed, the voices of the enemies calling you sister (or brother as Alex sang in the song ”Old Noisy Friend”) only to put you down, when you’re weak and exhausted, are a clamour that is hard to silence after hearing it for so long. They’re taking away the real voices and dragging you completely down. I wished I could have screamed back, but I didn’t have the strength or the courage to do so. It’s hard to admit so and even harder to work on it, but I need to do it.

”Vague Souvenir” has been the trigger. It led me to see myself more truly. This album is so true that it shined an undeniable light on me… And this time, I don’t want to close my eyes and keep pretending that I am strong enough to keep living as if nothing lighted up in my heart. That’s why I accepted the invitation to see, to take the risk of living and letting go of everything. Risking to lose it all… but also risking to find real peace, real love and real fulfillment, regardless of my past, regardless of what I may be going through, and regardless of the fear of what’s ahead. By taking the risk to “be”, “behave” and “assume”, as Alex wrote about in his blog related to the song ”Turn The Dirt Over”, I want to see and experience life through freedom, so I can not only be a better person, a better sister and friend, but I can simply enjoy “being”.

Freedom, as we can hear about it in the song “Gravitation Des Coeurs”. That’s what I’m meditating about. To be. To take the step of faith to live that journey of joy, which can’t be true when we have filters and when everything is surrounded by a smoke screen. A journey of joy, a shared one, our journey.

I love you with all that I am and understand today, knowing that I’ll love you even more tomorrow. Thank you for joining me on this path to freedom, inspired by the fellowship we all treasure. Today is already beautiful and tomorrow’s promises are more than exciting!

Talk to you real soon my beloved and thank you for your support, your voices are wonderful and are a treasure to me!!!

Miss Isabel

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