When time stops, eternity begins

Can you tell when something is so important that you want to make sure you don’t let any part of it slip through your fingers? Can you allow yourself to be free enough to completely embrace a moment without being either shy, anxious, self-conscious, stressed, overcompensating, thinking ahead or back instead of appreciating every little detail of what surrounds you and also what’s happening inside you at that very moment?

Lately, I’ve been able to really enjoy spending time with Alex, Jeff, Sef, Ben, Moose, Big Byrd and Stephanie. First, Alex invited us to be all together for a meal that we would all prepare together and then spend the rest of the evening talking, sharing and laughing. In addition to this we were also discussing about the upcoming album, marking the songs on a chalk board, making decisions about the whole project and how we want to live what’s left of the recording process. I think we could all grasp the seriousness of everything we were discussing and working on, conscious that each minute was crafting something we wanted to be a part of our legacy. At one point I was overwhelmed as I realized we were seeing on this chalk board the album in its primary form, all there, yet just taking its time to grow, to be strong and to pump up the excitement of the whole family to see it come into existence and scream to the whole world! But I think what really is the most important in what we do during these dinners is what we can’t write on a board, what we can’t plan… The most important is that we deeply desire to be companions, to gather and get to stay close to one another, to get to know each of the individuals for who they are and for no other reason than that we love each other and we want to be always living our lives together.

And it extends to all of us living together as a family, one we chose, one we fight for, one we discover as we also discover ourselves. Last weekend we celebrated father’s day with a nice BBQ in our “forest” (lol… I love to see our backyard filled with about 10 trees as a forest…makes it sound magical and romantic!)… now don’t start rumors as none of us have kids…lol but even if most of us can’t say we have a significant father figure really present in our life, we still believe we can acknowledge the value of men who are standing strong without being proudly flawless, taking responsibilities even when it’s scary or painful, caring about others trusting about their own needs, stepping into their role and their destiny with courage and determination…

However, sometimes these same amazing men and women that are with me, they actually don’t feel so amazing… they might feel empty, or sad, or not so confident… For sure at times, the same courageous heroes will look behind their back doubting they still have a cape to fly out of what’s dragging them down… And when that time comes, then we will remember the good times we had but mainly we will live truly that proximity we cultivated with meatballs, baseball games and vinyls… that same intimacy that made us laugh and share, will allow us to cry together, to allow one of us to be lifted up by all the others, to unify and join our forces to overcome anything that could come our way. As we are together, we are invincible. Together as One. Giants.

Whether we live something fun or sad, scary or victorious, exciting or challenging, we find the true life in it if we can live it close to someone. For you it might be a parent, a friend, a sister, a brother, a relative, for me it’s all of you in so many different ways… and I feel I’m so blessed! I feel I can stop time, nothing being more important than what we live, nothing compares to the love that hovers in the room…and from that love, glimpses of eternity can emerge and blind us with its creative power, its healing power, its purifying power…

I love you and we do receive your love daily as a powerful gift. A dear brother sent me last week a message saying how a video we made a couple years back touched him… I remember that video was filmed as we were in a very dark period of time, feeling attacked from all sides and we decided to answer with the only power we knew was true: love. I think this video will always be actual and relevant. May you capture its message and make it yours!

-Miss Isabel

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