Vague Souvenir… a reminder of who we are

It’s quite special to look at what we now hold in our hands, this music album that evolved out of so many moments of the past couple of months. It is now born, bearing its name and unique identity, ready to make its own journey, speaking to your ears in its own language and growing up independently from the 6 of us who had the chance to craft it. We were its crafters, but the real creators are much more numerous…they actually are reading these lines right now… 😉 You will realize this even more as you’ll allow your ears and heart to be lulled by its sound, your own story, and let the words invite you to contemplate parts of yourself we all tend to forget as soon as we turn away from the mirror. At least that’s how I lived Vague Souvenir when I listened to it all for the first time.

I was very lucky to listen to it twice live together with the family; once with the YFE team and once with the Secret Family Cult Club who joined us for a private pre-release listening. Both times were amazing…quite unique as well as they were completely different experiences…not sure why…lol Maybe there are zillions of reasons… we’re all different so we all live it differently but, as we are together doing so, it is still miraculously creating a deep sense of unity and establishing a comforting certainty that we’re not alone and we’re meant to live a freedom and a peace more than what we’ve been tasting up to now.

Yes, there is more… The more I hear this music, the more I see it live in others, the more it sinks into my heart and I get to believe more and more that I can access more than what I usually limit and resign myself to. Not only that! I can catch myself not only believing there’s more, but also to believe it’s for me and feel it’s possible to touch it, live it, taste it, embrace it… I don’t know for you, but I long and yearn for more freedom, more peace, more forgiveness and healing, more truth in me first and out of me as a result…

Please take the time to read the story behind Vague Souvenir and to explore its dedicated website… I truly hope and believe you will receive a precious gift through the text and also through the music…something that will appease you, elevate you and encourage you.

Miss Isabel

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  • Danielle


    Miss Isabel my sis♥

    I can’t believe it’s born, it’s released!! 😀
    i wish i could get it, hold it in my hands. *powty sad face* grrrrrrrrr ;p

    noooo we are all the creators and crafters, we help you guys out, through net and in person. If any of us helped you push more of that out, that would have never happened!!

    like i said on your link on your wall: *If it wasn’t for you guys there wouldn’t be a family!!!*

    you are right on what you said: *You will realize this even more as you’ll allow your ears and heart to be lulled by its sound, your own story, and let the words invite you to contemplate parts of yourself we all tend to forget as soon as we turn away from the mirror.*

    you are completely, absolutely right!!!

    i don’t have a SFCC account on there, so yeah i don’t know!

    i know why your experiences were different. You let one set free at a time while listening to it twice. You let whatever was trapped set free and another part during the 2nd time free!! 😉

    actually we are all the same but we live differently.

    what you said at the ending, amazing.
    That’s what i want!!!

    i love your diary, your blog. It’s always RAW, but AMAZING, LOVING! 🙂

    xxxxxYour Sis, Danielle♥


  • Irene


    It seems to me like the season we’re all joyfully walking through as YFE Family will never run out of miracles, gifts, discoveries and revelations.. And I feel so blessed and thankful for having the chance to be living it with all of you!

    Vague Souvenir is one of those priceless gifts of the season, even more precious for it is actually rooted way deeper, in your – and we can feel that in ours too – aren’t we all the same, in the end? – past, which held so many stones – gems and cobblestones – in its depths, that possession of them might have made you lose your mind and, as a result, – yourself, your vision and the true picture of the world you’re living in, sinking in mourning, the only souvenir of the gone days, – OR become strong and discover how to distinguish the real from the illusional, remember your lessons, yet daring to step out of the shadow of past griefs and live your dreams freely. And this album is the evidence of your win over all the sore memories, a decision to live true to your essence and that something bigger that you’re meant for, being in unity with others as much as never before, gaining more freedom, more peace and more life.

    The album’s music does speak to my heart with its trusting sincere voice, giving redemption, making me a part of something huge and important, and now I feel I’m not alone, feel understood, feel at home; it fills my heart with the sunrays and all the hopes that summer can give with its lovely, joyful country song sounds; it says, “Yes, it used to be painful like that, but those days are gone, and there IS hope”; moreover, some Souvenirs are a good motivation for me to finally start working on learning the charming French for real, to fully grasp their essense..;)

    Thank you, my precios Family, thank you a thousand times! For the gift of redempting days where I can dwell in peace and freedom, and for being the source that I can always come to, to fill the fluck of my heart with hope from.



  • Elizabeth


    hi dear Isabel and YFE!!!!!

    I was one of the ones blessed to be with you during the SFCC listening session and now hold in my hand a little book made of copies i printed from the WONDERFUL website dedicated to Vague Souvenir – Alex’s essay about the album and the lyrics to each song…I have listened to the album many times from my downloaded copy (lovely addition to the package!). I am only beginning the incredible journey of mining the treasures of this deepest and most courageous sharing of your hearts, but already my heart is finding new healing and hope in my own journey and even deeper appreciation of yours. I love these two quotes!! One from you Isa and one from Alex – for me, they define Vague Souvenir:

    Alex – “A light from which would arise a journey leading to the very end of a night that always felt endlessly implacable, a night from which absolution, redemption, rebirth and peace seemed so far away, unreachable..”

    Isabel – ” I don’t know for you, but I long and yearn for more freedom, more peace, more forgiveness and healing, more truth in me first and out of me as a result… ”

    That statement – “more truth in me first and out of me as a result” really touches on a concept that is stirring deeply in my heart right now as all of this immerses me and washes over me. It is echoed in this quote i came across this week also from Richard Rohr, one of my favorite authors:

    “Forgiveness is of one piece. Those who give it can also receive it. Those who receive it can pass forgiveness on. You are a conduit, and your only job is not to stop the flow.”

    I’m learning more and more the depth of this truth – that unforgiveness and bitterness in any area of our lives and in any relationship (with ourselves or others) will hinder the flow of freedom and joy in our own lives and in the lives of those we touch. These songs you have offered in the Vague Souvenir album – “Old Noisy Friend”, ‘I See a Darkness” – all of them really – can be shovels we can use to break up the clogs in our lives and let the healing flow – much like the river in the holy photo on the cover…thank you again for this incredible’s value is more than you could ever know and i truly believe that ripples of life will flow out of it far beyond your realization or imagination!!

    I love you!!!!!!!!! praying!!!!!!!! and i can’t wait to see where this journey leads from here!! mom e


  • Chris


    I was there for the listening of the album with the SFCC members…Sitting in the same room as so many of our friends from all around the world since we were all gathered for the same moment…The room was not the same color, size and not in the same country for most of us but…How special ! I don’t know what were the exact emotions that everyone was living but I can tell for sure that we have all been moved!!

    Guys, you need to share your first experience listening to ”Vague Souvenir” with your close ones… The vibe,the poetry added to it, the emotions that we can get from it, everything is so unexpected! Whatever the experience will be for you, it’s going to make you travel for sure!!
    Another really inviting blog Miss Isabel!!
    Thank you so much!!


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