Press play…and jump with me

I had the time to read what you guys wrote on the chat during the last ”Bla Bla Bla: The Live Show” and even though almost two whole weeks have passed, I could still live the intensity of that moment through your expressions, your generous openness, your colorful hearts displayed by black letters on a white screen. First, I want to thank you because through sharing you decided to jump into that day, you allowed the music and all that is within our hearts, to travel so much further than we could ever have alone. Music can be sterile when there’s no heart to receive it and words have no wings if no one is listening and allowing them to fly with the heartfelt message that is attached to them.

“I’m happy that I could be back from work earlier today. Here are the songs that strike my heart.”
“Just the first few notes and my heart is filled with love”
“I find it so touching too…and so intimate!!”
“I love how they are in a circle, the connection travels through everyone. It can’t be broken!”
“It’s like one heart speaking through 6 harmonious voices”
“Another song from the soul,just remarkable! Love it with the feeling it is played”
“This music you not only hear it, you can feel it in your soul”
“I love being a part of this story, it’s a warm feeling”
“I have always been convinced that music had the power to change things.”
“Music is to be shared by everyone but the feelings and thoughts towards the songs are only for that person. This song is mine and also yours.”

Do you know what makes us one? It’s not the place, it’s not the event we attend, I don’t think it’s even a question of participating in what can be seen or heard, it has nothing to do with being the same or conforming to a uniform idea… What makes us one, to my understanding now, is to belong together in such an open way that we accept our own differences and imperfections just as much as we welcome others and their own flaws and all that for a purpose… what was the purpose of this Bla Bla Bla? To live a moment that would make us feel so alive, closer to our own soul and emotions so we can realize this life is worth it, this life is ours to grasp and define, this life is a gift we can explore and share.

“Because he is singing with faith, it touches me a lot”
“My heart is pierced by the voice of Alex”
“I always feel secure by his voice”
“So much humanity and warmth are emerging from each word of the lyrics.”
“I think it is redemption…all of it..”

Music is for most of us a catalyst that helps us find our way home… to find the door of our heart and emotions… But I realize that even if I find this door, my courage to pass through comes when I look around and I see people hesitant just like me, disabled just like me, wounded just like me… and as we look in each other’s eyes we jump one after the other…it doesn’t matter in which order we jump… it doesn’t matter how… it doesn’t even matter where or when we will land, but what matters is as we are flying all together in this space we call “US” we know nothing can replace the wind of life we breathe in and the emotional friction we can feel all over our body.

“Bla Bla Bla the most emotional, special and magical show ever !!”
“I don’t want this show to end!…”
” For my first BlaBlaBla I am so glad it was this one”
“Jesus! What a holy Bla Bla Bla today”

Thank you for again flying with us, giving me and to so many all around the world the courage to jump in “US”… and as I’ll watch the rerun of this Bla Bla Bla I will not only remember but I will live it today with the set of wings you helped me realize I had. Because what we felt all together wasn’t the maximum of what we’re meant to live… it’s a wonderful glimpse of what I can’t even understand yet… that mystery deeply rooted in reality, one we only start to taste, to feel… one we gain to allow ourselves to stretch our boundaries, to stretch our hearts. Ready to watch it? Press play…and jump with me:)

-Miss Isabel

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