And Up… And Down… Life Is A Swing I’m Excited To Ride.

We may all be living in different realities, working in different fields, passionate about different things, but one thing is the same for all of us: Every day we live emotions and feelings that are triggered by what happens around us and in us. This past week I lived plenty of different emotions! First, it’s kind of special and funny to wake up to the sound of a hungry horse! Lol!! Queen, our pony, is definitely adding to the happiness of my surreal life! She’s proof on four legs that the most unexpected little dream is possible and can take life in a way I couldn’t even imagine!

Being Creators of Magic, Not Illusionists

Lately have you watched an old movie you saw a zillion times when you were a child? It’s sometimes a bit tricky to do as we may realize that so many years later what was so incredible is in fact a really poorly made movie and now, as grown ups, we can’t even watch the whole thing without feeling stupid or bored! Lol!! But on a quiet YFE night off, we decided to take a big risk…lol… together we watched the famous movie from the 80’s “Back To The Future”. As some of us weren’t even born when that movie came out, many didn’t even know who Marty McFly or Dr. Emmett Brown were! 😉 We had an AMAZINGLY fun time as we just let ourselves dive in this movie where every character is bigger than life, where situations are so dramatic but always one second, one “eureka!” away from being solved and happiness is back! So much simplicity… so much magic. But the real magic was that we were all there in our “café”, a whole family formed from people so different, different religions, ages, cultures, different dreams, but yet, deciding to live another day of our precious life together, deciding that the most important thing wasn’t really what we were about to watch or do, but to have a good time and to do it together.

Darkness rose in front of my eyes… but I wasn’t afraid.


At this very moment, I’m sitting alone in the biggest room of our Church/Studio, except for the dim light right above my head, it’s dark around me … In this humongous sanctuary, my space feels as small as a bubble as I have my headphones on, surrounding my mind with the rough cut of the new song we have been working on this week… I’m absorbed completely by the music, my soul beats with the drums, my blood flows with the guitar melodies, my head dances with the bass, my fingers are writing this blog as I would play on my synths and organs… so peaceful…nothing can come between the music, this blog, you and I… until Ben jumps beside me and scares the hell out of me!lol… he’s a champion at that…I hate that! lol but I love him…so I guess it evens out.

An invitation to love…that kind of love?

To expose ourselves by saying our opinion out loud is courage.
To expose ourselves by revealing our true feelings, good or bad, is trust.
To expose ourselves by standing for those who are hurt, those who are victims and standing even for aggressors surrounded by their own darkness… is love.

With his blog titled: “The Nature of Darkness and Light“, Alex has poured out, in my opinion, a lot of courage, trust and love. It initiated a wave of reactions among you guys and even among us here at the YFE HQ. It made me think a lot…

Extraordinary is only the starting line!

Futuristic Sef as seen on the Bla Bla Bla The Live Show

Is it easy for you to build real relationships? I’m talking about developing a bond from the heart that allows 2 people to understand each other, to support each other in any situation, to be a reference for one another, to impact powerfully the life of the other, to love, to allow the other to make mistakes and forgive, to accept the other as he/she is but loving that person enough to speak the truth when he/she is wrong. If your answer is “not really”… well…same here. As you heard in the last Bla Bla Bla (or you WILL hear in the rerun I included at the end of this page!!!) even if the 6 members of Your Favorite Enemies have been together for more than 10 years, we still need to fight and create occasions to get to know each other and connect. That’s why we created a coffee shop in the studio where we listen to vinyls or just talk over a coffee… And even in our close family, it’s not easy for me to connect deeply with people as I have a hard time to deal with the risk of feeling rejected, feeling like I don’t know how to understand the other person, the feeling of having to get away from my own self comfort to just give…give my love without expecting to be loved in return…give without the fear of losing something I feel I own or deserve, and then end up being the loser.

An extravaganza… but so much more than entertainment!

An extravaganza… but so much more than entertainment!

Bla Bla Bla: the Live show was off the air for only a couple minutes and someone asked me “what did you like the best about the show?”… I hadn’t really finished living the whole experience, I hadn’t taken in what my ears heard, what my eyes saw, what my heart received… so I simply answered: “the best part of the show was the fact that I felt free, completely free…”

I feel like it’s time to celebrate!

A secret project that will be revealed soon...

Ok guys!

When it’s time to be serious to share about deep stuff and to support each other in what we want to think, work on and grow, you are there for me, for us, for one another. As a great family we each take our place in the lives of each other and we each shine from the strength and love we give and get and THAT makes me sooooo proud of you and of all that we build together. But now… I feel like it’s time to celebrate this love we seed with tears and sweat!

To see it bloom freely, uncontrollably and beautifully

My loving family, my friends so dear to my heart,

This past week I lived something completely insane… As you may have seen on Alex‘s or Jeff‘s Facebook, we were doing a massive video and photoshoot. A 3 day marathon for a VERY special project. I won’t tell you much because we will reveal the secret about it during the next Bla Bla Bla the live show March 11th, so I want you to enjoy the surprise… BUT I can tell you it’s the very first time I have worked in collaboration with Alex on something other than music;) You know how he is an intense person right? Well, ever since collaborating with him on this special project I have realized even more how this intensity and passion is rooted in his love for people and his commitment to always go all the way. He often says “if we are to make something, let’s do it our way, no limits, no established rules except to be true to ourselves and to do it with love.” I realize now that by opening my cherished project and involving others, it has allowed the whole project to reach a completely different dimension, to shine in a way I never thought possible, allowing everyone to expose their talent and to even discover hidden treasures, it allowed me to learn, to grow… it allowed me also to experience so much love as I see people giving their best towards something I cherish and it allowed me also to pour out love toward these same people, learning to serve them, to give them my best, to take my place in their life…