I am not impatient… I am already exulting!!!!

My so incredible family,

I often thought the guys and I were quite nuts…living in a church…sharing every single meal with about 20 other passionate people who are as crazy as us… young men and women who are the heart and arms of Hopeful Tragedy Records… taking care of 2 ponies and a goat… dedicating hours to reach out to people all over the world in their own language as much as possible… trying to answer each message we receive, desiring deeply to make each person who crosses our path feel just how much we have special love for them … I thought we were crazy when we posted that pic of “Michelangelo’s David-Sef’s version” on Facebook! Lol! However, just as I am trying to think straight after seeing such display of…art? or mystery? or even freedom? 😉 I realize you guys are tagging along! You are not even surprised because you too share our childish heart, you too allow your boundaries to explode and you are just as beautifully silly! We love to see life bloom and light spread on our life first and then emanate all around… You’re awesome really.

For me, it’s so exciting to wake up in the morning and even if I know the plan for my day might be just the same as the days before, I also decide that I will let myself be surprised by the unexpected… and not only that! I will create the unexpected for people around me!

To be part of the creation process… this is really what I love the most…a melody, a blog, a party, a video, a jewelry collection… I know how lucky I am to touch these sparks of life every single day. I know how life creates life as what we craft with our hands and heart touches and gives hope to so many… starting with ourselves. Because we do need to see, feel and breathe that life to overcome our darker nature that is dragging us toward fading out, blending in, conforming, being spectators instead of actors. But as soon as we take one little step into that life, we realize that there are so many horizons we can explore!!!

The horizons are ours! I want to fly there with you 🙂 And I know you are already there, again by our side, I can see you guys are so supportive with everything we do in Your Favorite Enemies and lately also with the Red Crown Crane jewelry collection… I have to say that I have been, not just surprised, but actually speechless on how you lifted this whole project up to the sky! You embraced the meaning, you gave to it your own light which shone like the brightest sun. Almost every single piece of the first collection was adopted and then flew all over the world to reach you!!! I had to be quick to get hold of my own set before they were all gone!lol

You want to be even more excited? Look at this:

New pieces of life made of glass and silver…crafted one by one…defined by their own unique name and nature… so different, yet all for a common purpose to: “honor such determination and courage, as much as it would incarnate the hopeful and heartfelt character of anyone resolute to build, rebuild or craft their lives based on their own visions and dreams.”

We are creators of our dreams, we are the builders of our lives and our biggest privilege is to share it all with each other! I am honored with what we already share and I am excited to know the communion we will all have with the next adventure!!! The music projects that will soon be unveiled, the touring schedule that will be revealed, the visions and dreams that will evolve at the pace of our exposed hearts… I am not impatient… I am already exulting!!!!

-Miss Isabel

Don’t miss the party, the release of the new Red Crown Crane collection and also the big launch of the “Ceremony & Jubilation” project!!! Join the Facebook event and BE ONLINE WITH US ON SUNDAYJULY 8th!!!

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  • Elizabeth


    Hi dearest Isa and YFE!!

    I waited until after the Bla Bla Bla to comment again – to feel the heart and pulse of your spirits at the moment – and I was touched beyond any words really. I can’t explain my joy at the places you are soaring through right now – I ordered the incredible “Vague Souvenir” package while we were still in communion together, living the music as one and yet in our vibrant individual colors and experience…weaving into one the stories of all we have walked though together and all that we individually passed through before our paths crossed. The comments flowing through the chat were as precious as the music and words emanating from your home in Drummondivlle into ours across the world! I am sure you still face challenges beyond my imagination, but when grace and forgiveness are the ocean you swim in, love can flourish and anything, truly anything is possible!!! The Red Crown Crane project continues to bless and amaze me – what an incredible “container” to impart your vision in a way that compliments the music and all you do – a “picture” truly does express a thousand words and art you can hold in your hand, does that in even greater measure…you might have guessed the “from fire sky to heavenly spirit” would be the ones I would choose…for now..:) Please keep flying in these uncharted skies before you!! You know i and so many more are right by your sides!!! 🙂 eternity is a blessedly long time! 🙂

    blessings dear one!!! today and always!! and much much love and prayers and gratitude!! mom e


  • Marjo


    “We are creators of our dreams, we are the builders of our lives and our biggest privilege is to share it all with each other! ” I LIKE THAT!!! And I am sincerely inspired by every member of this crazy huge family, extending all around the world!! No dream is too small or too big…thanks to all of you out there for reminding me of that, by the living testimonies of hope, courage and joy that you all are!!! And thanks Miss Isabel, for reminding us, once again…how accessible, real and fulfilling it is to live the life of our dreams!! Marjo 🙂


  • Sue


    I want to fly with you too!!!!


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